Online Marketing to Mommy Bloggers

Marketing to Women: Why Moms Read Blogs—Plus Four Ways to Work with Bloggers They Trust

By Brian Pittman

As you may know, women make 85% of all brand purchases. But did you know that 81% of moms read five-plus blogs a week? Here’s what they’re looking for on the blogs they read, according to Stacy DeBroff, CEO of Mom Central Consulting:

  • 84% read authentic content about topics that interest them
  • 73% discover great new products
  • 71% research products they are considering purchasing
  • 68% find coupons and promotions

DeBroff also reports that 91% use Facebook daily, 54% use Twitter daily, 52% use Pinterest daily, 25% use Instagram daily and 23% use Google Plus daily. So what can you do to reach and work with the influential bloggers moms read, both via their blogs and their social media channels? Some quick tips from PRU panelist and “A Nut in a Nutshell” blogger Liz Mays:

  • Bloggers now eschew one-offs. Many bloggers used to do reviews and giveaways where the product was payment enough—but that’s no longer the case, according to Mays, whose “A Nut in a Nutshell” was recently ranked #10 in the Cision Top 50 New Product Review Blogs, and who is a lifestyle blogger and brand ambassador for Kraft Foods, Discover Card, Campbell Soup Company, Whirlpool and Verizon, among others. “Our reach has grown and so have the ways we can help firms,” she says. “So I now advise PR to position things as longer-term campaigns, as opposed to one-off, per-post fee arrangements. We love long-term contracts—it’s reassuring to have long-term relationships with PR pros and brands.”
  • Bloggers want budget details—and bullets. Similarly, emails should spell out the campaign scope and arrangement up top, says Mays. “The subject line should read ‘sponsored opp’ or ‘compensated opp.’ From there, outline everything clearly—and don’t make me guess at what the arrangement is or make me pry for budget details. Specifically, use this to outline your email bullets,” she suggests:
  • Messaging
  • Timeline
  • Compensation
  • Number of posts
  • Bloggers attend conferences—so should you. Bloggers with large followings typically attend industry conferences—and mom bloggers are no exception. “I do about seven or nine a year. I have done BlogHer, BlogHer Food, Mom 2.0 and Type A,” says Mays. Her advice: “Meet me and pitch there. But ask for a meeting in advance—ask the conference organizer to help you set something up, instead of just doing a drive-by in the room.” These meetings can be a pitch or a “get to know me” encounter, she adds.
  • Bloggers appreciate creativity—go beyond the standard “pitch.” Try to move the relationship away from a straight-up review or giveaway, says Mays. “The review giveaway format is, frankly, boring.” Instead, “Talk about the product in an unusual or creative way. For example, think about creating a Pinterest board around the product and asking me to share it,” she suggests. Similarly, “I love to do recipe creation. So don’t just pitch me the thing to cook, but instead try making your thing or item part of a bigger recipe or creation.”

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